20+ Varieties of wooden stamp blocks for printing on fabric

In this real world of fabric printing, different type of wooden block stamps play a significant role in creating unique designs on textile fabrics. Although the list is almost unlimited, we tried to cover 20 different categories for wooden block stamp. Please find below mesmerizing explanation and minute details along with amazing pictures about those wooden block stamp categories:


    • Animal wooden block print stamp
      • Elephant wooden block stamp
        • With majestic tusks and intricate detailing, the elephant-carved block brings the spirit of the wild to fabrics, creating a sense of strength and grace in every print


      • Camel wooden block stamp
        • Gracefully carved, the camel block imprints fabrics with the regal allure of the desert, weaving tales of resilience and tranquility.

      • Deer wooden block stamp
        • Gracefully etched, the deer block imparts a sense of woodland enchantment onto fabrics, capturing the spirit of gentleness and nature's allure in every print.

      • List is not limited to this but includes many other animals like Lion, Giraffe, Frog, etc


    • Floral wooden block print stamp
    Floral prints are like a garden on fabric. With designs inspired by flowers, leaves, and vines, these wooden block stamp create patterns that are charming and perfect for a variety of clothing and home decor items.

    • Border wooden block print stamp

    Border-style wooden block border stamps add a simple yet elegant touch to fabrics. These border stamp blocks are designed to create decorative borders along the edges of the fabric, enhancing the overall appeal of items like scarves, table cloths, and more on the sides.

    • Geometric wooden block print stamp

    Geometric prints involve shapes like triangles, circles, and squares. When these shapes come together on fabric, they form patterns that are modern and precise. Geometric print blocks are versatile and suitable for various clothing and accessory designs.

    • Striped wooden block print stamp

    Striped print blocks create classic and timeless designs on fabrics. Whether it's horizontal, vertical, or diagonal stripes, these blocks are perfect for adding a sense of order and simplicity to your textiles.

    • Polka Dots wooden block print stamp

    Polka dot print blocks bring a playful and cheerful vibe to fabrics. With evenly spaced dots, these blocks create a fun and stylish pattern that can be used for a range of clothing items, from dresses to accessories.


    • Paisley wooden block print stamp

    Paisley print blocks create intricate, teardrop-shaped designs that add a touch of elegance to fabrics. Popular in traditional and contemporary fashion, paisley prints are versatile and timeless.


    • Chevron wooden block print stamp

    Chevron print blocks produce zigzag patterns that bring a dynamic and modern feel to fabrics. These blocks are excellent for creating visually striking designs on clothing and home decor items.


    • Abstract wooden block print stamp

    Abstract print blocks allow for artistic freedom, creating unique and unconventional designs on fabrics. These blocks often result in visually captivating patterns suitable for avant-garde fashion.


    • Love / Emotion wooden block print stamp

    Crafted with care, this wooden block stamp infuses fabrics with an everlasting embrace of love and emotion, imprinting sentiments that linger with every impression.


    • Puzzle wooden block print stamp

    Creatively carved, the puzzle wooden block stamp transforms fabrics into a mosaic of intrigue, inviting playful curiosity and visual delight with each imprint.


    • Food and Beverage wooden block print stamp

    Deliciously detailed, this wooden block stamp brings a feast of flavors to fabrics, capturing the essence of culinary delights and elevating textiles with gastronomic charm.


    • Fruits wooden block print stamp

    Vibrantly carved, this wooden block stamp orchestrates a fruity symphony on fabrics, infusing a burst of freshness and natural sweetness into every print.


    • Medical accessories wooden block print stamp

    Precision-carved, this wooden block stamp imparts a touch of medical artistry onto fabrics, showcasing the tools and symbols synonymous with healthcare in every impression.


    • Couple wooden block print stamp

    Tenderly crafted, this wooden block stamp paints fabrics with the timeless embrace of love, encapsulating the beauty and connection shared by a couple in each heartfelt print.


    • Emoji wooden block print stamp

    Playfully etched, this wooden block stamp adds a whimsical touch to fabrics, expressing a spectrum of emotions in every print, turning textiles into a canvas of light hearted communication.


    • Tree wooden block print stamp

    Nature's artistry carved into wood, this block stamp leaves an arboreal imprint on fabrics, bringing the essence of strength, growth, and tranquillity to every textile canvas.


    • Yoga and meditation wooden block print stamp

    Serenely designed, this wooden block stamp imparts a sense of mindfulness to fabrics, capturing the tranquillity and balance associated with yoga and meditation in each calming print.


    • Small size wooden block print stamp

    Petite yet powerful, this wooden block stamp adds intricacy to fabrics with its compact design, allowing for delicate and detailed impressions on a smaller scale.


    • Fish wooden block print stamp

    Finely carved, this wooden block stamp captures the fluidity and charm of underwater life, imprinting fabrics with the playful elegance of swimming fish.

    Understanding the diverse styles of fabric printing blocks opens up a world of possibilities for creating personalized and expressive textiles. Whether you lean towards traditional, modern, or eclectic designs, there's a printing block style to suit every taste and project.


    Happy crafting!

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